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LAFD Paramedics to the rescue!

Last week LAFD paramedics and firefighters arrived at our home, with sirens blaring, to rescue Camille from a respiratory crisis. Within minutes of our 911 call, they had arrived at our home and transported her to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital LA. They are a remarkable crew!

Over the past six years, our LAFD heroes have been a part of Camille’s life during many of her non-emergency moments, joining her for community events, personal milestones and family celebrations. She loves these men and women dearly and we are grateful for their selfless acts of service everyday. We consider the firefighters and paramedics from LAFD Station 27 our friends and heroes.

While at CHLA, Camille spiked a fever of 106.9 and after being stabilized was taken to Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA where her team of specialists have been caring for her over the past ten years. Camille is still in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), battling the pulmonary implications of pneumonia, but is much improved from a week ago. In between challenging moments, Camille has been full of smiles at her doctors, nurses, well wishers and encouraging expressions of support



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