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Camille is an adorable fourteen-year-old with an infectious laugh and a smile that fills your

heart. As a child with epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and a number of other developmental and

medical disabilities, Camille has had to work incredibly hard to overcome her challenges. 


Fortunately, Camille has a tenacious spirit and a joyful, purpose-driven outlook.  Camille’s

journey has taught us a great deal about appreciating the gifts of life, and we are so grateful

for the support of our wonderful family and friends.


Camille faces many of her obstacles with the aid of an incredible team of physicians,

therapists, teachers, nurses and countless others. Currently, she is enrolled in a home

hospital program through the LA public school system to enable her to learn and thrive

with the support of a dozen therapies and a wonderful home school teacher. 


Camille was born with special gifts and challenges.  By these standards she is no different. Where she does differ from most is in what the future holds as a child with medical and developmental disabilities. The goal of this site is to bring Camille’s story to life and share some of the knowledge we have gained along the way.


To read more about Camille's story, click here.


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