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                         yoga for special kids

Taught by Limor Landau Certified Instructor

Yoga for the Special Child ™, is aimed at infants and children with special needs, but is suited for anyone. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your child to experience a warmer more soulful approach to therapy.

While Yoga for the Special Child ™ recognizes the importance and necessity for conventional medical treatment, it also believes that special children possess special needs. Time away from doctors and hospitals are a welcome and refreshing treat for you and your child.


The Special Child Program
Yoga stimulates all the areas necessary for a child’s development. Yoga for the Special Child ™ is designed specifically to benefit children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities and other developmental delays.

During the sessions children will learn a step-by-step, integrated system of yoga poses designed to increase cognitive and motor skills.  A vital role in the program is that of parent as guide, inspiration and role model. The benefit to your child of seeing you enjoy your yoga practice cannot be emphasized enough.


The Instructor
Limor Landau is a certified practitioner for the Yoga for the Special Child ™ program and has worked with children from 7 weeks to 20 years old. Limor received her training from Sonia Sumar, a renowned yoga instructor and the creator of Yoga for the Special Child ™. Limor works with physically and mentally disadvantaged kids throughout the Los Angeles area.

Limor Landau is a certified Yoga instructor and a certified Shiatsu massage therapist. Limor is also a certified physical education teacher and has majored in special children.


Limor has been able to use her extensive knowledge and experience on a

personal basis after she gave birth to her daughter Tamar, who was born

prematurely at 24 weeks weighing only 1lb. 4oz.


Limor Landau
Ph: (323) 965-9234

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