Grandad in Heaven

Camille's Grandad Jay passed away this week. Camille and he were very close and she loved him greatly. While she couldn't say it in words, he could always feel it in his heart. While at the end, he couldn't speak either, he and Camille had a special bond. They both knew what was in each other's hearts. Now her grandad is in heaven looking over her. To see a video of his life, click here.

Camille with her Grandad and Grandma when she was a tiny infant

Camille's grandparents at their wedding in 1954

Camille's grandparents and aunt visiting her in the hospital in 2010

Camille's grandparents with her sister Cambria (when she was little)

Camille with her mom and grandparents a few Christmases ago

Camille's 5th Birthday at Disneyland with her grandparents

Camille's grandad holding her when she was a baby (next to the beautiful wood cradle he made for her)


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