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Star Report

This past spring, Camille took her first standardized test as a second grader in LAUSD. We spent a great deal of time discussing why testing was beneficial, even if the test itself seemed boring to Camille. The results arrived in the mail, and to our delight, Camille’s scores demonstrated her great academic progress, made possible by her remarkable teachers, therapists, and caregivers.

As you can see from the picture below, Camille scored in the highest category (“Advanced”) in Language Arts testing, and did well (“Proficient”) in Math. We are very proud of our little girl and all her hard work.

This past year, Camille spent a great deal of time focusing on her writing and story-telling skills. She published her second book in April and is now working on her third book about her friend Emily. Although Camille is non-verbal, she has become more expressive and interactive with the aid of her augmentative communication tools. She recently began working with an eye gaze machine which can activate a mouse click on a computer by tracking the movement of her pupils. Exciting new access methods such as these are helping Camille explore her academic potential and her creative writing skills.

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