Camille was admitted to UCLA a week ago due a recurrent bacterial infection in her bloodstream (sepsis). Last month Camille was admitted to UCLA with the same bacterial infection, which may have translocated from her intestinal tract due to GI motility disorders.

Camille’s Port-a-Cath, which is a central line that provides access to the heart’s blood vessels, had to be removed this past Friday evening, as it appears that the bacteria had ‘seeded’ her Port and the first line treatments were unsuccessful in battling the infection.

If all goes well, Camille will have a second surgery on Wednesday afternoon or evening to place a new central line -- this time a ‘Broviac’. In spite of the unexpected hospital trip, Camille is in good spirits. As always, she has displayed her tenacity and joyful spirit during this admission.

Over the weekend, Camille’s Dad made a video of Camille at UCLA.

Watch Camille’s video to Dev’s “Dancing Shoes” here!

Please note that this video cannot be viewed on mobile devices.


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