Tribute to Emily

Camille’s UCLA buddy, Emily, passed away, following a long battle with several degenerative medical conditions. After meeting at UCLA a year ago, the girls found they were the same age and were struggling with many of the same conditions. But beyond that, they had a lot in common, including their love of Hello Kitty, the color pink, and fashionable accessories. Most of all, they both exuded the same joyful spirit and brave outlook.

Camille has experienced many emotions related to Emily’s passing - mostly sadness and loss, but also fear about her own medical status. In response, with the aid of her home school teacher and her social-emotional therapists, Camille has begun working on her second book as a tribute to Emily. The story is a figurative retelling of Emily’s experiences, incorporating fairy tale elements, including princess warriors, princes, and an evil queen. (More details to come as the story unfolds....)

This experience has helped Camille express and process her emotions, and in many ways, had empowered Camille to rewrite her own vision of her dreams for the future.


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