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Camille's Comfort Care Book

On Monday, April 9th, Camille presented her book, “My Comfort Care Heroes,” to the head of UCLA Children’s Hospital, Dr. Sherrin Devaskar. Also in attendance were her home school teacher, Emily, and her SEDI therapists, Daryl and Cam, who were instrumental in helping Camille bring her book to life.

Following the reading of the book, Camille presented a donation to the UCLA Children’s Comfort Care program in honor of her fairy godparents, Alan, Susan, Steve and Angie (pictured above). These remarkable souls gave Camille hope and encouraged her to dream during a very difficult time. By making her Cinderella wedding story a reality, Camille learned that working towards a dream can be empowering and help transcend everyday challenges.


Images from her book can be found below.

Pg 1 (Screen Shot CCH).jpg
Pg 2  (Screen Shot CCH).jpg
Pg 3 (Screen Shot CCH).jpg
Pg 4 (Screen Shot CCH).jpg
Pg 5 (Screen Shot CCH).jpg
Pg 6 (Screen Shot CCH).jpg
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Pg 11 (Screen Shot CCH).jpg
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Pg 13 (Screen Shot CCH).jpg
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