Sentence Building

Camille is so excited and proud of the fact that she can now write sentences on the computer using an augmentative communication software called Boardmaker. She chooses pictures from different categories to build sentences.

Below is a series of sentences Camille wrote in the first couple of weeks of learning to use this program.

Camille wrote:

“I am happy.”

“I wish i could be a princess fire-fighter.”

“I want to play with Aunt Annabelle.”

“I want to go to a movie.”

“I feel proud when I sing and use the computer.”

Her grandfather (Harabugee), who she loves very much, is feeling sick, and Camille used her sentences to talk about how that makes her feel.

Camille wrote:

“Grandpa feels tired and sick and blah.”

“And I feel sad and blah.”

“Mom wants to go to the hospital.”

“I wish I could be a doctor.”


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