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New Seizures

Camille was recently admitted to the hospital, during which time she was evaluated for potential seizure activity. After two days of video EEG monitoring, we discovered that Camille’s brain has been bombarded with nearly continuous subclinical seizures during sleep, a condition known as Electrical Status Epilepticus in Sleep. This consists of a rare EEG pattern associated with severe and progressive loss of skills related to communication, motor and cognitive function.

While this is a serious finding, we are encouraged that we have identified an actionable diagnosis with multiple treatment options. We had been perplexed by the accumulating regression that Camille has experienced over the past few months. And while we cannot directly attribute Camille’s loss of skills to this new diagnosis, it is possible that her motor, communication and processing skills have been impaired by this new EEG pattern.

A follow-up EEG will determine if our first line treatment is effective, or if other interventions are necessary.

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