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2008 in Review

Though 2008 was a tumultuous year for Camille medically, she has been incredibly happy and making great progress. From December of ’07 to June of ’08, Camille was in and out of the hospital monthly with small bowel obstructions. Her week-long hospital stays and relapses prompted the doctors to perform a surgery (Lysis of Adhesions). After surgery, Camille had a long and difficult recovery, but still managed to keep working bravely, learning many new things. In the spring, doctors made a new diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension, caused by her obstructive breathing, which has created pressure on her heart and lungs. Additionally, she had severe respiratory issues in the summer with difficulty breathing, which further compromised her underlying health. To address these issues, doctors recommended a number of options, including a tracheotomy (trach) and surgery to open up her airways. However, her current respiratory issues have stabilized enough to postpone the difficult decision of whether or not to place a trach.

After having lost control over her seizures in the fall of 2007, Camille regained control this year with an increased dosage of IVIg(immune therapy). With her seizures under control, Camille’s vision began to improve, making her more capable and motivated, both in school and socially. She is now able to reach for objects and discriminate pictures, which enables her to communicate using a picture system.

With her improved neurological state and outstanding home school teacher, Camille is now working on age appropriate grade level curriculum. She is able to sight read, count, communicate concepts of more and less, match images and words, and she is continually gaining the confidence and satisfaction that comes from these achievements. Camille experiences great joy from knowing unconditional love from her family and friends, and her great sense of humor helps her find pleasure in learning, developing, and overcoming her challenges. All of Camille’s progress is made possible by a remarkable team of therapists, doctors, nurses, and other friends who devote their lives to kids like Camille.



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