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March Hospital Visit

Camille has been out of the hospital for several weeks now and we are very grateful. After a relatively healthy year in 2007, Camille was admitted to the ER at the end of December 2007 and subsequently spent a total of 28 days in the hospital between December 29th and Feb. 8th. She experienced significant GI issues as a result of her three previous abdominal surgeries. During this time Camille’s seizure activity escalated to 80-100 seizures per day and we’ve been working with new medications to regain control over her seizures. This was one of the most difficult hospital experiences Camille has had in her 20+ hospital experiences, due to the extreme pain she suffered. Camille’s doctors and nurses provided very compassionate and outstanding medical care. We hope with the aid of these new medications, Camille will be spared from any further relapses. Over the past weeks, Camille has been regaining her strength and is thrilled to be home and able to play and learn again.

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