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                         BReathing Treatments


Breathing treatments are commonly used to help open the airways. An instrument called a nebulizer may be used to help deliver medication deep into the lungs. Medications most frequently used for breathing treatments are beta-2 agonists (such as albuterol). Beta-2 agonists work by helping open the airways in the lungs allowing for more oxygen to enter the lungs, thereby enabling the child to breath easier.


A nebulizer treatment (“neb ”) gives medicine as a fine mist that is breathed into the lungs.  The medicine is made into mist form by using an air compressor and a 

nebulizer (“neb cup”).  Nebs must be given as instructed in order for

them to work. 


Often medicines can be mixed together in a neb.  If you are giving

more than one medicine, check with the doctor or pharmacist about

mixing the medicines together. 

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