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Hello and welcome to my website!

Despite my challenges, I have found that when you change the way you look at the world, the world

changes. I feel very lucky that I’ve led such a rich life full of love, support and joy and invite you to share my experiences with me. Please check out the news  below and feel free to write in my guestbook or send me an email!  

Love, Camille    

Camille's Music

Camille's spirit has been fueled by a newly discovered gift - composing classical music. Her journey so far has been unique. Its highs, lows, and rich complexity are embedded in her soul. So are her faith and her philosophy. Through her music, Camille's soul has finally found its voice.

To hear samples of her compositions, click here.

Click here to order Camille's album on iTunes.

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Colors for My Family

Composer: Camille Des Jardins
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Camille is an adorable fourteen-year-old with an infectious laugh and a smile that fills your heart.  As a child with epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and a number of other developmental and medical disabilities, Camille has had to work incredibly hard to overcome her challenges.


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